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Let me introduce myself. I am Ilona Griffioen-van Beek, born February 15, 1983 in Amsterdam.

I've been raised with dogs all my life; my parents had Bouviers and a mixed breed. My mom has been very active in dog training (basic obedience) for 25 years, so I started that when I was very young as well :)

I have worked with PWDs since I was ten years old. I obedience-trained "Tres" owned by her breeder, Linda Willems-Dekker, who was living in our village with a friend of the family.

When I was fourteen years old I bought my first PWD, Goya (Querida Goya Ysatis v/d Duca Vallei). She is Tres' niece. I trained Goya in Obedience and Agility and took her to Conformation shows all over Europe and the United States. There I showed her in Breed and Junior Handling. We did extremely well and soon Goya became a Dutch, Belgian, German, Luxembourg, American and International Champion. We also placed well in Junior Handling.

Goya was such a great dog and she went with me everywhere. When I took her with me to America, at the end of August 2000, we stayed at a Portuguese Waterdog and Bouvier des Flandres kennel in Maryland. We were there for six months. I showed her in the States and finished her with 4 majors and a few single points. I always handled her myself.

While I was in the USA with Goya, I bred her to an American male named Dare (Aarion Turn Around Highwood), I returned to the Netherlands, where Goya whelped her fist litter on April 7, 2001. So, that is how it all started.

With great sadness I had to say goodbye to my precious girl Goya August 21, 2007 She is so special and I will miss her terribly. I cherish all the great memories I have of the wonderful moment we had together. She'll always be in my heart and her spirit will be carried on by her kids and grandkids.

My kennel name, Casa Hoya's, was not registered yet by the time the first litter was born, that's why my first litter doesn't have a kennel name. Casa means "Home" in Portuguese and Hoya's is a mix from the names Goya (my first PWD) and Hoy, a horse I took care of for many years.

We have bred thirteen litters to date and expect our next at the end of 2021.
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Going to dog shows is a passion of mine. You'll find us regularly at shows all over Europe! Our dogs have been quite successful so far (check each dog's own page for individual show results!)