September 11, 2021 - What a day!

About today... :-)

First of all huge congrats to Hannie Warendorf & Hans Stigt for passing their judging exam for our beautiful breed!
Thanks so much Miranda & Gigi - my mom Anneke & Leena for stepping up and joining me and Yolo at this event!

Crazy dog people! So I thought let's enter IDS Genk with Momoa & Lila and hope for a late ringtime...
That didn't work out but of course there was a plan B! Early morning some dogs got switched around and off they went!

Momoa was beautifully presented by Priscilla van Oosten and Lila by Melissa van Oosten

5 PWDs entered for judge Mr Paunovic (Serbia)
Seaworthy's Baby It's You "Lila" won BEST OF BREED from intermediate class for her first Belgian points!!
Marinella's Live For The... Applause "Momoa" BEST OPPOSITE SEX

See they don't even need me there ;-)
ones done at the judges exam I drove to Genk and joined the team! The girls won BOB in 3 different groups so I took Lila in myself and she made the cut with the best 5 under judge Mrs Boesmans!
So proud of our girly!!

September 06, 2021 - Love is in the air...

We are super excited that
Marinella's Live For The... Applause "Momoa"
FCI HD A * Elbows Normal * OFA Good * GM-1 Normal * OptiGen prcd-PRA Normal/Clear * EOPRA Normal/Clear * JDCM 1-1 (probable normal) * Microphthalmia Syndrome carrier * IC Normal * Eyes ECVO clear August 4, 2021

has been bred to Bliss his daughter
Gigi Uhcajapons "Gigi"
FCI HD A * GM-1 Normal * OptiGen prcd-PRA Carrier * EOPRA Normal/Clear * JDCM 1-1 (probable normal) * Microphthalmia Syndrome Normal * IC Normal * Eyes ECVO distichiasis August 17, 2021

**This litter will be born at kennel A Loucura - Rijnsburg the Netherlands**
Hopefully puppies expected in November
For more information send Miranda an email or check their facebook page.

September 05, 2021 - Outdoor Zwolle

Another fun day with friends!
Outdoor Zwolle - judge Mrs Vermeire (BE)

Casa Hoya's Dream Big Or Go Home "Phil"
Best of Breed jCAC/CAC

Seaworthy's Baby It's You "Lila"
Best Opposite Sex CAC

Thanks Melissa for your handling help
and Priscilla & Petra for the lovely pictures!

September 04, 2021 - Dogshow Luxembourg

IDS Luxembourg today with our crew!
7 PWDs entered for Mr Laurent Heinesche (LU)

Casa Hoya's Dream Big Or Go Home "Phil"
BOB- junior Junior Luxembourg Champion
Marinella's Live For The... Applause "Momoa"
Best of Breed - Luxembourg Champion
No love for Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo" today
Casa Hoya's Believe And Be Awesome "Stormy"
Junior Luxembourg Champion
Beautifully shown and owned with Tine Wolfel
Seaworthy's Baby It's You "Lila"
Best Opposite Sex CACL/CACIB

Gigi Uhcajapons "Gigi" (Bliss his daughter) rCACIB Luxembourg Champion
owner/handler Miranda Nagtegaal

and whippet Creme Anglaise's Route Sixtysix "Romeo" Best Opposite Sex CACL/CACIB
owners Priscilla van Oosten & Jan Willem Akerboom handler Melissa van Oosten

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