October 27, 2019 - Yolo BIS-4 IDS Leuven!

This boy keeps amazing me!

IDS Leuven Belgium - almost 1500 dogs entered

Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"
Best of Breed judge Mr Barak Lifac (IL)
BEST IN GROUP judge Mr Leenen (BE)

4th place BEST IN SHOW judge Mr De Giuliani (IT)

October 20, 2019 - fun & games

Great fun today!
Fun & games with our dogs by Yvon & Hans
Ludacris, Apple, JT, Cruise, Lente, Milo, Bliss, Alaya, Leena, Chica, Djuni, Minocha, Yolo, Jovi, Boco, Gigi, Sascha, Pepa & Classic and their people had a wonderful time lots of laughs and good food!
The photos speak for themselves :-)

October 13, 2019 - more Dortmund

So Yolo thought he had a day off today.....

But he was kidnapped by Melissa van Oosten for Junior Handling competition and OMG....
What an amazing team!

photos by Kynoweb

October 12, 2019 - Herbstsieger Dortmund

Another show day today in Dortmund for our youngster and boy did he make me proud!!!

8 PWDs entered today judge Mrs Wilson (ZA)
Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo"
Best of Breed from intermediate class!

Beautifully presented by Melissa van Oosten as sometimes I have to work too ;-)

and later on he won a
GROUP 3 in a very strong lineup under Mr Kane (GB)

Super job Melissa and big thanks to Priscilla too for all the help with Yolo today!

photos by Kynoweb

October 11, 2019 - Bundessieger Dortmund

Just WOW!
Amazing day at the Bundessieger Dortmund today!

9 PWDs entered judge Mr Muntean (RO)
Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" Bundes-Veteransieger '19 Best Veteran and Best of Breed

Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo" reserve best male CAC/CACIB Bundessieger '19

Big thanks Melissa for wearing Yolo out when I was in the classes with Cruise so he behaved for a change and to show Cruise to BOB!

Priscilla did an amazing job with Cruise in the Veterans winning
judge Mr Lokodi (RO)

I was fortunate enough to take a break from work to show Cruise in the group myself and he took
judge Mr Pinto Teixeira (PT)

Yolo and I arrived here yesterday for work and lucky me Cruise had a chauffeur Dennis as he was only entered today (and my mom looked after all the dogs at our house) Do what you love love what you do!

photos by Kynoweb and Lisa Croft-Elliott

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