May 28, 2017 - IDS Oss

Very warm day at the IDS Oss today but so proud of Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT" he's on the roll...

BEST OF BREED judge Mrs Robbins
BEST VETERAN judge Mr Walsh jr.
GROUP 2 judge Mrs Robbins

This boy keeps amazing me and truely gets better with age he's having so much fun being out in the ring!

photos by Kynoweb

May 21, 2017 - KC Culemborg

Awesome day with familie and friends today at the local show KC Culemborg with a total of 100+ dogs entered!
We took Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare "Bliss" for some training and entered Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT" as he was still in shape from the day before ;-)

Mr Arxhoek awarded Bliss Best of Breed and Best in Group 8! His G'pa Mr JT became Best Veteran of the Day
The BIS was judged by all 3 judges today (Mr Arxhoek, Mrs Bakker-v.d. Woestijne and Mr Hoenderken) and we are over the moon that Bliss was picked as BIS!!! So proud of my boy all day!

May 20, 2017 - IDS Dortmund

Truely an AMAZING day @ IDS Dortmund today!
Fun times and Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT" came along on this trip and WOW!

Best of Breed (& BOB-veteran) judge Mrs Kastl (DE) - 9 PWDs entered.
So we got to enter the mainring twice :-) and what an outcome!

3rd Best Veteran of the Day judge Mr Muntean (RO) * GROUP 2! judge Mr Doedijns (NL)

May 14, 2017 - water fun :-)

Another lovely walk today with friends and lots of PWDs :-)

May 07, 2017 - weekend Erfurt

This weekend Angelika, Lennon and I traveled to Erfurt for 2 days of dog shows :-)
I took the littermates this time Casa Hoya's My Style "Happy" and Casa Hoya's Shoot For The Moon "Leena"

On Saturday the National Dogshow was judged by Mrs Urek (SLO)
10 PWDs entered and our boy Happy CAC * Best of Breed * and his sister Leena CAC * Best Opposite Sex *
To top it off Happy also won a GROUP 2!! judge Mrs Liljekvist Borg (SE)
We are thrilled!!

Sunday the International show was judged by Mr Krol
We are very happy to say that we brought home a new German VDH Champion title for Mr Happy winning VDH/resCACIB and Miss Leena won VDH/CACIB

Another amazing weekend for Casa Hoya's! Oh so proud!!

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