March 31, 2020 - Meet Lila

We are super excited to share this news!

Meet Seaworthy's Baby It's You "Lila"

Can't thank Cam Salvary enough for this opportunity, we have to be patient for awhile but I know it will be so worth the wait and she is in fabulous hands

Don't even know where to start.... sometimes it takes a village esp when the original plan becomes impossible but WOW I feel so blessed and am grateful to all who stepped in to help one way or another
Teamwork makes the dream work!

March 21, 2020 - Yolo a year ago

Hannie Warendorf made some awesome pics of Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo" a year ago today.
He is 10,5 months old in the pics. What a sweet memory

March 01, 2020 - IDS Groningen

Another great day for our boyzzzz in Groningen

5 PWDs entered - judge Mr Johansson (SE)
A'Acqua di Gio vd Duca Vallei "Justino"

Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" Best of Breed and later on that day he won
RESERVE BEST VETERAN IN SHOW beautifully presented by Priscilla van Oosten
judge Mr Ebels (NL)
no love in group today

Very proud of Denise & Justino they are a great team!!

photos by Kynoweb

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