February 29, 2020 - IDS Groningen

First day IDS Groningen!

Great fun to see our young boy Justino & Denise again, he has grown a lot since the last time and so cute how happy he was to see us again!

5 PWDs entered - judge Mr Komodosky (DE)
A'Acqua di Gio vd Duca Vallei "Justino"

Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" Best of Breed
We missed the veteran judging today but made it into group and he pulled off a lovely GROUP 2!!!
judge Mr Simons (NL)

Very proud of my guys!!

photos by Kynoweb

February 27, 2020 - RIP Ludacris

Casa Hoya's Exclusive Edition "Ludacris"
November 27, 2005 * February 27, 2020

14 years and 3 months ago you were born in my hands - today you peacefully passed in those same hands....

Blessed to be owned by that boy! Ludacris my everything a one in a million You lived your life to the max with a great sense of humor!
miss you is an understatement

February 22, 2020 - local show KC Hardenberg

Just WOW!
Fun day out at a local show KC Hardenberg with an entry of 231 dogs

Cruise, Bliss, Yolo & Leena were entered and judged by Mrs Hartveld-Upmeijer
Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" won Best of Breed and the same judge made him Best Veteran in Show!

Mrs Urek awarded him Best in Group!!

Bliss, Leena & Yolo competed in breeders class and took 2nd place!! Sorry mom that Priscilla and I laughed so much about your speed run with Bliss...

All 4 judges (Mr Jipping, Mr Doedijns Mrs Urek & Mrs Upmeijer) judged the final together and picked Cruise as their BEST IN SHOW

Such a lovely day and all the dogs gave their best! (Bliss always likes to overdo stuff :-) )

February 14, 2020 - Lovely memory

**Our trip to New York one year ago**

Dennis and I returned home from a wonderful trip to New York USA with Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" a bit bittersweet tho, as Cowboy went back home with Kristle
I'm very happy that we got these lovely memories from this remarkable trip

photos by Desirée Couwenberg - DC photography

February 12, 2020 - Cowboy @ Westminster 2019

A year ago I had the honour to present Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" at the Westminster show in New York USA. Judge Mr Shelton
What a wonderful experience!!

photos by Desirée Couwenberg - DC photography

February 09, 2020 - IDS Eindhoven

Today at the IDS Eindhoven (almost 2200 dogs entered)
Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" worked hard and wow just wow!

With Melissa van Oosten 1st in Junior Handling which qualifies her for the Dutch finals 2020! You go girl!

Priscilla van Oosten showed Cruise beautifully to BEST VETERAN!
judge Mr Trumpfheller (DE)

and to make it even more sweet he took BEST IN GROUP handled by me
breed & group judge Mr Wellens (NL)

So he qualified now for the top dog of the year 2020 already both as a veteran and in regular group competition!

Thanks to my mom for everything you do - Being his chauffeur to the show today while I was working all weekend being one of the things and of course to the girls too who always have my back if I can't get away

photos by Kynoweb

February 07, 2020 - Leena!

Some beautiful photos of our girl Casa Hoya's Shoot For The Moon "Leena" by Ernst von Scheven three years ago today.

photos by Kynoweb

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