August 31, 2018 - PWDCA National Specialty

This year I had a pleasure again to attend the PWDCA National Specialty in Frankenmuth MI USA :-)

Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare "Bliss" and I flew to Toronto and travelled with our dear friend (& JT's breeder) Barbara Floch to the National.
It all started with the water trails, I competed with Bliss in Apprentice and he worked great!!
We didn't pass but I'm so proud of his performance with so little experience :-)

It was a fun week as always and I had the honour to handle some beautiful dogs!
The win pictures are only some of the highlights!
(have too many gorgeous pictures to post)

Judge Ms Janis Watts

C-Lion's Sequel To The Ring "Sam" BEST VETERAN & AOM
breeders/owners Heather Shilo, Terese Phillips & J Krieger

C-Lion's Mainesail To The Wind "Reef" Award of Merit
owners Heather Shilo & Terese Phillips

Mariposa's Aqua Allegoria WWD 2nd in open bitch class
owner Barbara Floch

August 17, 2018 - puppy visit!

Today Bliss got to meet his puppies.
It was great fun.
They are 5,5 weeks old now, so nice to watch them grow up!

Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare and CaoMysterys Ydun are proud parents of 8 pups.

August 12, 2018 - Priscilla & Leena @ WDS

Beyond proud of these two!!

showing our girly Casa Hoya's Shoot For The Moon "Leena"

photos by Kynoweb

August 11, 2018 - World Dogshow Amsterdam

Super proud of my dogs today at the WDS in our home country!
Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare "Bliss" 1st in openclass (8 entries) rCACIB

Casa Hoya's My Style "Happy" 2nd in championclass (11 entries)

Big Thanks to my mom for showing Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" and Sian with Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" both excellent in the strong Championclass

Thank you judge Mrs Urek (SL) for thinking of our dogs so highly

Cruise and his 3 sons looked great in progenyclass! Thanks so much Petra for your help :-)

Casa Hoya's Shoot For The Moon "Leena" missed the ring as she was competing with Priscilla van Oosten in Junior Handling but it was so worth it as they made it to the semi-finals tomorrow!
photos by Kynoweb & Petra van Dam

August 02, 2018 - ECVO eye exams :-)

Tuesday July 31st we took 4 dogs for their ECVO eye exam

Cosmos Got Me LoveStoned "JT"
Casa Hoya's My Style "Happy"
Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare "Bliss"
Casa Hoya's Dreaming Out Loud "Lente"
All are clear again :-)

Today we went with two more :-)

Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane "Cruise" distichiasis affected, besides that clear
Casa Hoya's Addicted To You "Yolo" Clear :-)

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