April 14, 2018 - IDS Utrecht

What a day at IDS Utrecht!!! Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" BOB and a GROUP 2!!!!!!

breed judge Mrs Pillement-Heijden (NL)
group judge Mr Eberhardt (DE)

Super proud of Hugo owned by Katrien who won his 5th BIG this year!!

Now Cowboy will get ready for his holiday in lovely Denmark with Sian Wilstrup & family.
Can't thank you enough for this great opportunity!

Photo Hannie Warendorf

April 08, 2018 - IDS Luxembourg

Speechless...... Today at the IDS Luxembourg (+4000 dogs entered)
6 PWDs entered judged by Mr L. Pinto Teixeira (PT)
Casa Hoya's Stop And Stare "Bliss" finished his Luxembourg CH! in style with a BEST OF BREED!!!!!
Our baby boy is a champion now!

Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" CACL/resCACIB Luxembourg CH!
He went reserve to his little brother :-)

The day finished even sweeter....
Bliss won a GROUP 3 in a very strong lineup. I'm over the moon!!

So amazing, 3 times Bliss went to Luxembourg all 3 times he took BOB from the classes (junior- intermediate and open) and got a group placement!

photos by Kynoweb

April 01, 2018 - IDS double Goes

This weekend Marinella's Wanted Dead Or Alive "Cowboy" went back to back Best of Breed at IDS Goes.
Saturday he made the cut in group, breed & group judge Mr Boelaars (NL)

Sunday he won a GROUP 3 under judge Mrs Kadike-Skadina (LV) (breed judge Mrs Sunde (NO))

photo by Lisanne Bakker - Kynoweb

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